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Mobiles by Flensted

Playful objects

Fine jewelry

From Japan


S+ at Aufbau Haus

With S+, Süper Store has opened another location in Berlin Kreuzberg. In a small gallery, we show a part of our changing selection of jewelry, glass, ceramics and objects from European and Japanese manufacturers and designers - which can then also be purchased. At regular intervals, artists and designers are invited to present their works here. Opening hours: Thu - Fri from 1 - 6 pm at Aufbau Haus Berlin @galerie_s_plus Thurs - Fri, 3 - 7pm at Aufbau Haus Berlin


Kühn Keramik and Süper Store have come together for a collaboration and are happy to present ZOOTOPIA - a series of plates in sets for the Süper Store, as well as a number of new motifs for the Kühn Keramik universe. From wild monkeys and birds to dead frogs, angry rhinos and wild mythical creatures - it's a strange zoo... We cordially invite you to a summer cocktail on Thursday, July 6th from 6 - 9 pm at Kühn Keramik, Yorckstr. 18, 10965 Berlin.